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Welcome to PurePet Essentials

PurePet Essentials is passionately dedicated to provide the best grooming products for your loved furry friends that enhance and assure the well-being of your pet’s cosy fur. Our products are made with wholesomely sourced organic ingredients and are highly certified.

The Core Values of PurePet Essentials

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We care deeply for our pets. So, we put extra care in infusing the shampoo with all natural ingredients like lavender, neem, arnica, turmeric and soapnuts that are completely safe and healthy for our furry pets. Also, these ingredients help with most common hair fall troubles.


Along with our love for the pets, we share the same love for our Mother Nature. PurePet Essentials Shampoo is made with mindfulness to the environmental health. There are no harmful by-products caused while creating the shampoo that comes in environmental-friendly packaging.

Socially Responsible

It is in our best interests to serve the oh-so awesome furry friends with care, love and trust – rather than making own personal gaining motives. We follow the most ethical values in bringing this product to you, so that way, we help the community as the same way we learn to help each other from it.

Trusted Brand

Of course, the bath-time for our pets can be as fussy as it gets because of strange chemical odours that come with most shampoos out there. PurePet Essentials Shampoos are infused with lavender that naturally puts our pets to ease and relaxed during the bath-time.