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Grooming Care for Dogs 101

Grooming Care for Dogs 101

Hair, Hair – Everywhere!

Dog parents know this phrase all too well. Regardless of the breed, dog hair is a common – if not – a sore subject for all pet parents. If not taken proper care of, we would probably end up with tufts of dog hair sporting on all our furniture and clothes.

Along with hair fall, we dog parents have to deal with petty scratches due to overgrown nails, common infections, fleas, and ticks, regular vaccines, and grooming hassles.

As pet parents, we spend a lot of time grooming our pets, ensuring they are in their best shape and health. it is very essential to make sure our pets feel comfortable and happy with their grooming time – as we know – A perfect grooming session counts as a great bonding time too.

We have a few steps for perfect grooming and care in mind that would help greatly in de-stressing our pets while providing great quality time with the parents.


Scheduled Vet Visits             

  • Although most pets passionately hate being brought to vets, regular visits to veterinary doctors for vaccines, health checkups, and infections will ensure the overall well-being of our dogs. Scheduled dog vaccines help protect them from a variety of diseases and infections.


Fur Brushing is a Necessary Grooming Essential

  • Hair Brushing is more than just a chore. It is a vital part if you do not want sheds of dog hair everywhere. Not just that, using a high-quality hairbrush can improve blood circulation and keep the dog’s fur shiny and conditioned while providing a great sense of calmness.


Set up a Calming Vibe for Grooming Time

  • We all know how fussy our pets can be while grooming time. It is because they are freaked out at being brushed and washed. Pet Grooming, when not set in a calming vibe, can lead dogs to anxiety, sadness, and even depression. Using calming scents and aids while grooming can really make a huge difference in grooming sessions.


Regular Fur and Nails Trimming

  • It is essential to trim those hairs when your pet resembles a hairy yak after developing a winter coat. Excessive fur in paws might cause dogs to slip while running and playing. Having excessive facial hair can cover the vision or get in the way while eating. Ensure those nails are trimmed too. Playful nips and scratches can get serious if those overgrown nails go unchecked.


Keep those Dog Teeth Dazzling

  • Clean teeth are a sign of a dog’s perfect health. Cleaning dog teeth might be a tricky affair and often a seldom activity, but it keeps away a lot of gum problems and bad breath – much like human teeth. Younger dogs have a tendency to chew on anything they can get their paws on – which ends up building up plaque and teeth-related issues too.

Use Organic and Pet-Friendly Grooming Products

  • Using organic, naturally made pet shampoos are key for making that fur shine and be lustrous. Make sure the pet shampoos are gentle, calming and effective, and free of radical chemicals as our pet’s scalp is so sensitive when compared to humans. Pick SLS and Paraben-free Pet Shampoo that has great scent and conditioning effects to make bath time a perfect bonding time.

Check those fluffy Ears and Paws for infections

  • Regularly check those canine ears and the underside of those fluff paws for rashes, fleas, and infections as our pet skin is very sensitive and these areas of dogs are very easily overseen and concealed areas for fungal growth.


We hope that these grooming tips help you in achieving a proper pet bonding time and ensure our dogs are at their best at all times. Happy Bonding time!

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