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Indulge and create a harmonious atmosphere for your pet during bath time with Lavender Scent and Delphinium.

PurePet Essentials Natural Pet Shampoo is infused with therapeutic grade 100% Natural botanical extract Delphinium. It benefits your dogs in multiple ways. It helps them breathe easily, lessen inflammation and provide nourishment to their skin and coat.

These benefits of Delphinium make PurePet Essentials the perfect shampoo for your pet that heals skin turned red due to inflammation, treats skin ailments, and revitalizes their skin, which is why puppies and dogs of all ages love it.

Cleanse and Nourish Your Pet's Skin and Coat with Nature's Finest Ingredients!

Whether your pup is scratching excessively or suffering from skin sensitivity, PurePet Essentials shampoo is exactly what he needs.

Health Benefits of Delphinium for your pet

Cures inflammation
Heals wounds
Treats skin ailments
Reduces pain
Relieves swelling
Improves appetite
Prevents Skin Diseases

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