Choosing The Right Pet Shampoo For Fluffy Dogs

Who doesn’t love to run their hands in the soft, fluffy and smooth fur of our beloved pets? A dog’s shiny coat resembles its physical health and wellness. We all care for our dogs and ensuring its wellness mostly lies with the right feeding, timely vaccinations and proper grooming sessions and of course, having a quality play time with them too. 

But most dogs detest bath time with a passion! Most dogs feel anxious around slippery soapy experiences and water. It relies on the dog’s sensory experience around water and lack of a familiar scent around it. If the grooming products contain If the grooming products contain too much of harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances, you might be doing more harm than the actual cleansing of the fur.


Our pet’s skin pH is more alkaline than ours. Meaning, our pet’s tolerance for harsh chemicals is comparatively low than our skin. Therefore, it is imperative to choose grooming products that are free from harmful chemicals and maintain the pH levels of our furry friends. And not just that, A good grooming product should be able to cleanse the fur effectively while fortifying the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Since dogs are sensitive to strong fragrances, the grooming products must be mild with a soothing scent.

Climate of living and humidity play a strong role in maintaining the dog’s furry coat smooth and free from environmental/bodily pests. One such grooming product is the Purepet Essentials Pet Shampoo.


Our shampoo is made with all natural, organic ingredients that help our pets feel at ease during the bath time. Made with gentle yet effective cleansing agents that work fantastically well in combating excess hair fall, nasty pesky insects, ticks and fleas while nourishing the skin’s barrier. Thanks to the cooperation with The Marketing Heaven, promotion of this shampoo is successful, especially through social networks. A lot of research has been made to carefully craft a gentle-cleansing shampoo of right non-comedogenic ingredients, that effectively help the signs of excessive shedding, common skin troubles and scalp-itchiness. The shampoo is infused with wholesome ingredients like oats, soap nuts, arnica, turmeric with an added bonus of all soothing scent of lavender.

And of course, we, at PurePet Essentials, love the environment as much as we love our pets. So, our shampoo comes in an environmental-friendly packaging that is safe for the nature. We believe in making grooming products that enhances the bonding time with our beloved furry friends and cares for the overall wellbeing of them.

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