Combating The Regular Fur Issues Through by Grooming the Right Way

Our love for our furry friends is unconditional. Pets being extra soft and shiny is something we pet owners strive for. A healthy pet without any fur issues seems a lot of work in hand but it’s the quite opposite really. With a little effort and a few grooming tips here and there, a lot of fur issues could be addressed without much hassle.

Just as us, dogs come in different fur types and skin conditions. Its not always the same issue for all dogs. A lot of common skin problems among our dogs seem to be sporting the same set of symptoms but it is crucial to identify them apart and give the right treatment to soothe our dogs, from skin rashes to unconditional fur shedding.


Depending on the climatic and humidity conditions, the environment and health conditions, our dogs might sport a lot of unknown fur issues. It is always our duty to make sure to check if our dogs are feeling uneasy or brooding. While most of the fur problems are visible to the eye, there are rarely a few conditions that doesn’t get fixed by the right grooming techniques

Excess Shedding:

It is common to see dogs shedding their fur like nobody’s business close to ending winter months. While it may be extremely irritating to see fur everywhere – from clothes you wear to the dining plates you eat in, it is needed to understand the main reasons for excessive shedding. Dogs generally develop an extra coat for surviving the harsh winters, so shedding them while the end of winters is a given for them. Brushing them for 15 minutes a day with a soft wooden comb will let you save your furniture from a layer of fur.

Lice, Fleas & Ticks:

Nasty, pesky parasites that either just dwelling on the dog’s scalp or sucking the blood from our pets are just a menace. These irritants are short lived without the host – meaning, they could not live long without dwelling. A common cure is to have anti-lice shots periodically while using a good organic pet shampoo can take care of nits and lice.

Matted and kinky Fur:

Some of the dogs are just too coiled and fluffy. What comes with a curly hair? A whole lot of kinks. Prolonged negligence in removal of kinks from those fluffy bottoms could result in having extremely dry and matted hair. While severely matted hair could be cut to save the hassle, it is always recommended to brush the kinks away with a smooth and loving brushing. Also, use a hydrating shampoo to avoid kinks and matted hair in check!


Severe hair fall without a winter- end might be something we should not ignore. There are a lot of reasons as of why dogs develop alopecia (extreme hair fall). The alopecia might be sporadic or in patches. It is always necessary to visit a vet for the root cause. Hydrating shampoos are made in mind to help dogs suffering from alopecia.

 Skin Rashes:

Skin rashes develop when some fungus/ scalp dryness is intensified through constant scratches. While most of the rashes and dryness can be cleared through regular baths with Anti-fungal shampoo, it should be checked with a vet if the conditions persist.

The above conditions are easily averted using a right shampoo like – PurePet Essentials pet shampoo. Made from natural, plant-based materials, which are safe for the pets, humans and the environment too. The shampoo is completely chemical free which makes it safe on the fur. It also contains natural ingredients that gently deep-cleanse and leaves a long-lasting, pleasant scent. Happy Grooming!

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