Grooming Guidelines for Pets Throughout the Harsh Winters.

The season of Winter is remarkable for its heavy snowfall and even heavier fur fall. The fur shedding fest seems to be never – ending and layers almost every inch of homes, from clothes to dinner plates. Even though dog owners try to get the fur off of ‘fur’niture – pun totally intended, all attempt become futile in a minute of our pets shaking their fuzzy hair nearby.

But how do they manage to not go bald even after shedding unholy amounts of fur? It is because their fur acts as a defensive shield against the scorching summers and harsh winters. The fur thickens in winter and doubles as a protective coat that traps warm air into it, keeping our fuzzy dogs more cozier during the super cold dips in temperatures of winter. As winter ends and we leap into warmer climates, dogs shed the developed thick coat to allow them with little less coat to keep them cool in summers.

Groom your pets in accordance to the weather outside. 

If you are seeing dog fur everywhere in homes during the harsh winters, panic not! It is completely common and there are a few ways in which you can curb most of the shedding by a little effort. There are a few concerns that arise while pets roam during winters. The snowy landscape maintenance makes our doggy’s paws exposed to different chemicals on the road lanes and side-walks. Here are a few tips that can solve some of those concerns.

Brushing it out – By brushing your dog for 15 – 20 minutes every day, you might save the hassle of cleaning the same fur on different furniture in home. Brushing avoids severely matted hair and kinks which is a menace for upcoming summers. Matted hair traps the dirt and doesn’t allow the air inside the fluff of dog, making it more vulnerable to the cold climates. It also ensures the much-needed blood circulation and a healthier, shiny coat of our pets.

Use a Hydrating Shampoo – Frequent Bath times in winters are a must. Use to a wholesome shampoo that keeps our dogs free of dry hair during winters. A good shampoo without harsh chemicals nourishes the fluff and keeps the rashes and pesky parasites at bay. Also, it makes the brushing more manageable and softer. Add a mild scented, gentle exfoliating shampoo like PurePet Essentials Pet Shampoo in your dog’s grooming regime to aid the bath time a little more calm and serene.

Take care of paws – Do you know that the paws are one of the sensitive parts of our dogs? It is imperative to clean our fur ball’s paws clean after every walk and trim the extra hair between the toes and the pads as they might be exposed to chemicals that are used for melting snow on lanes. Dogs have a habit of cleaning their paws by licking them off of dirt and those nasty chemicals are only going to add gastrointestinal issues in dogs.

Give those nails a trim! –  The smooth nails of our dogs might lose the friction on those snowy, slippery days and imbalance the dog’s posture. Check the nails from time to time and file them to give them a better grip on wet floors.

There are a few tips like not letting the dog stay up with wet fur and using a warmer blanket to the mentioned tips above. Make sure that your dog stays cozy and happy – because a happy dog is a happier you.

Happy Grooming!

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